Is Good Education Crucial For Successful Career? |

If we want to go from the bottom on this subject, it is important to say that basic education is necessary. To learn how to read and count is actually vital. Law determines that level of education but that is not what we are talking about here. What we need to analyze here is can someone be successful without finishing highly respectful universities or that has to be a condition.People who graduate in highly respectful universities are expected to do well in their careers. This kind of education prepares them for opportunity to work on high and responsible positions in community. That is why, chance to get this type of education should be definitely used. But, that is not the only way that someone can become something in life.Being educated is important because it makes you richer from inside as a person, not from outside as rich in financial way. There are so many examples of people that are very successful entrepreneurs without finishing any of highly respectful universities. They just simply have that something that businessperson must possess in order to be capable of holding all the strings that make successful business. We can say that that person is born with it or it is just someone who takes his chances instead of being too careful about everything.In some parts of the world, even if you finish university, it does not mean that you will have successful career. That is the case when nothing matters but someone’s capability to find his or her own way in life. Those are really capable persons and they will find the way to success regardless of where they are and what the circumstances are.If you want to learn things, good will is enough. In these modern times, you can educate yourself by sitting in your living room in front of your computer. Education does not have to be expensive. Do not get me wrong. If you can afford to pay good and respectful school do it, it will be repaid to you. But if you have no financial power for something like that, all you need is internet, that will provide you with every possible information that you need.From these examples, we can conclude that education is very important and it should be worked on constantly. People should never stop learning because everything is changing so quickly today so if you want to stay on top of your field you must learn more every day. Therefore, education is important but not in a way of finishing university. Finishing university is not crucial for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Bilingual Education |

Bilingual education involves the teaching of two languages for academic instruction and content. According to Andersson and Boyer (1970) in Bilingual Schooling in the United States, “Bilingual education is instruction in two languages and the use of those two languages as mediums of instruction for any part, or all, of the school curriculum.”In bilingual education, both languages are considered equally important; one is not favored over the other. Content and delivery are provided in the two languages rather than one of the languages being taught as a subject by itself. In bilingual education, none of the languages should be lost, altered or diluted.In Canada, both French and English are official languages. The Canadian Constitution provides for the use of both languages. Although French-Canadians are making serious attempts to get to a French unilingualism, it is unthinkable to seek the homogenization of linguistically diverse groups. In addition, in current times, the acquisition of more than one language remains a plus. While French is estimated as having 110 million native speakers and 190 million second language speakers worldwide, English has become the lingua franca, the language of choice for business and computers.Education programs in a country like Canada are faced with the challenge of instructing students in both French and English. Thankfully, bilingualism is an achievable goal for all individuals.The key for teachers is to remember the importance of keeping each language separate in order to foster growth and development in each language. Bilingual education should not involve simultaneous communication as the concurrent use of two languages often results in a degradation of both these languages. Some classes should be in French, while others are in English, all following a self-contained model, providing sheltered instruction from teachers trained in sheltering techniques.Because both languages are valuable, educators should focus on an additive form of bilingualism, working to develop both languages over the long term. The aim is bilingualism and biliteracy. An effective bilingual program utilizes two-way immersion, which involves: (1) Instruction in two languages; (2) One language at a time; and (3) Peer-to-peer facilitated language sharing.English-Canadians are showing increasing interest in becoming bilingual. Let them be reassured: it is possible for students to acquire proficiency in both French and English and become more effective in playing an active role in the global community and economy. Bilingual education empowers students who become full participants of a multicultural society.